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Sharjah Airport Freezone company formation

As UAE is becoming one of the fastest growing regions in the Middle East for the businesses it's attracting the equal amount of competition as well for the entrepreneurs. In this hour of need, investors need low-cost operating expenses with the sound amount of returns. So, this is where Business Setup in Sharjah Airport Free Zone comes into the picture. The process is not hectic and less time-consuming as this zone is providing licensing 24 hours irrespective of the industry type. International investors have another news to celebrate that is the liberty to have complete ownership under Sharjah Airport Free Zone.

Competitive Advantages Sharjah Airport

Sharjah Airport Freezone is located beside the international airport of Sharjah, being one leading freezone, offers all kinds of businesses from various sectors. Providing facilitates with sustainable and affordable prices, such as their warehouses, storage areas, container parking and bunkers, etc. This free zone dedicated to development of trade business in Dubai. It facilitates the growth of trading activities in the region by providing appropriate infrastructure. Over the years it has attracted many traders both locally and internationally and is ever growing since then.

  • Multiple Visa
  • Airport freezone offers multiple visas without committing to an office, providing significant benefits for working solo or running small businesses. Allowing multiple visas without the need of physical office space.

  • Multiple shareholders
  • Airport Freezone allows for multiple shareholders, entrepreneurs wishing to set up a business is required to register freezone registration. Allowing between multiple shareholders can form a company. The shareholders can be Individuals and companies or a combination of the both.

  • No Upfront share capital
  • Airport Freezone offers no paid upfront share capital is required to set up a shop, which combined with an easy business process.

  • Diverse business opportunities
  • Airport Freezone was offering the wide variety of business activities, accommodate versatile business incorporation in this freezone, allowing different ethnic business background different trade activities.

  • Easy Steps to Setting up the Business
  • The process of setting up a company formation in this freezone the hassle-free and incorporation process is not as complicated as any other free zones.

  • Effective Bank A/c Setup
  • Due to its immense reputation, this freezone makes a hassle-free for setting up a business a/c. Offering extensive assistance with the completing the banking paperwork. The setup process with Airport Freezone in relatively easy and efficient.

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