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Dubai Silicon Oasis Freezone company formation

Every investor is looking forward to the company formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis. It is the world’s foremost centers of advanced information technology and also famous for its innovative electronic advancement, designs, and developments. Dubai Silicon Oasis is 100% government Free Zone which started its setup in the year 2004. Its mission is to “facilitate and promote modern technology-based industries,” and hence it supports Dubai’s Business Expansion Demands. It is comprised of a Tech Park named DTEC and also got a huge community integrated with the process. In this highly competitive market, Silicon Oasis plays a vital role in the support towards the investors. They reduce the risk of the investors by a thorough research of feasibility studies. Our team of experts at PRO business setup assisting business setup in Dubai silicon oasis for their DED registration, Trade license, Business formation, etc. Our team of experts is highly trained and dedicated staff with quick analytical skill with competitive analysis. We provide complete customization plan as per the requirement. Investing in Silicon Oasis will be a dream comes true for every top-notch business personalities as large facilities and they will support them can enjoy their 100% freedom of ownership.

Competitive Advantages Dubai Silicon Oasis

DSOA Freezone has established an ideal location in the heart of Dubai, and it is the emerging community with its exceptional lifestyle facilities delivering the exceptional comfort and convenience. Dubai silicon oasis offers proprietors to cultivate the business emerging with the technology, facilities, and service. The purpose of establishing DSOA is to modernize the program that aims to encourage the technological advancement.

The following Key advantages will highlight the importance of DSOA company formation

  • Fast-track setup
  • The process has meddled with fast-track business licensing, in just a week the process is sorted. The lease agreements are usually issued within only two days of submitting.

  • Low Investment
  • If you want to start your company in silicon oasis, you just need to deposit 10,000 AED as paid upfront as the share capital.

  • The wide range of business
  • DSOA is organized mostly towards the IT sector; this free zone is dedicated to technological collaboration and continuous innovation towards a wide range of better business. DSOA offers a complete range of benefits to companies incorporation.

  • Extensive Office setup
  • DSOA offers a comprehensive range of office setup or desk space. It is mandatory requirement to have a physical office space unlink other freezones. Offering the wide range of office setup, this free zone allows entrepreneurs to use the state of the art business facilities.

  • Extensive Visa Options
  • The free zone flexi-desk offers the maximum of three visas. Multiple visas are offered on endowing with offices setup or warehouse setup.

  • Multiple shareholders
  • Setting up a free zone establishment in DSOA allows you sole ownership if you wish to incorporate your business with a single partner or multiple partners. Allowing to establish from two to five shareholders, either they can be individuals, corporate entities or a combined on both.

  • Branch Office
  • Branch of a UAE or foreign company is not a legal entity separate from its parent. It manages the operations inherent in the business of the parent. There is no share capital requirement for a branch company.

  • Easy Steps to Setting up the Business
  • The process of setting up a company formation in hassle-free and incorporation process is not as complicated as any other freezones.

  • Cost effective
  • DSOA is highly cost-effective, as there is no share capital is required for setting up shop in this free zone. Ds offers low fees for new company formation.

  • Effective Bank A/c Setup
  • Due to its immense reputation, this free zone makes a hassle-free for setting up a business a/c. Offering extensive assistance with the completing the banking paperwork. The setup process with DSOA in relatively easy and effective.

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