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Dubai Internet City Freezone company formation

DIC is one of the leading technology colony around the globe that caters the major high tech corporation and progressive start ups. Being the home to 500 plus start ups with many multinationals, including global brands like Microsoft, Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Dell, Intel, Huawei, Samsung, SAP, Oracle Corporation, Tata Consultancy as well as many UAE based software companies. Dubai Internet City is an Information technology park created by the government of Dubai in the year of 2000, as a free economic zone and a strategic base for companies targeting IT sectors, DIC operates as a taxfree zone and offers pertinent custom benefits that are guaranteed by law for a period of 50 years free taxation of income tax and corporate tax. We at PRO business set up are entirely aware of all the process. If you want to start your software company to break through into the international market, there no place befitting that DIC. We assist you all the documentation from DIC company set up, company registration, Service Licensing, etc. Business set up in DIC provides a world-class business environment designed to support the development of information and communications technology.

Competitive Advantages Dubai Internet City

  • Dubai Internet City is the free zone is dedicated and designed to support Information and communication technology, DIC is the hug for IT industry in Middle East. The free zone is build to breakthrough global IT industry, It is located in the heart of Dubai. Being the information business park offers an excellent platform for the investors to emerging in global business development.

    The following Key advantages will highlight the importance of DIC company formation

    • Office set up & visa service
    • DIC allows making use of their infrastructure such as desk space, meeting & conference rooms. Allowing business owners to adapt to their facilities without need a physical area if they wish to work flexible out of DIC. A low investment was offering flexible desk package. If you are looking for more than one visa, or who want to set up a physical presence, DIC Freezone provides the opportunity to apply for more then one visa per eight square meters of an office space

    • Effective Business setup process
    • The process of company formation in this free zone is comprehensive and robust if an expert team assists not the process. Every business owners are required, to provide a detailed business plan, along with the certificate of incorporation. The process can be resolved for a couple of weeks and requested to sign the documentation.

    • Location
    • DIC's area is also a considerable part, of its appeal. Centrally located in the center of a city. This freezone is situated in the Sheik Zayed road. DIC is also within easy reach if several significant ports and both Dubai International Airport.

    • Branch Office
    • Branch of a UAE or foreign company is not a legal entity separate from its parent. It manages the operations inherent in the business of the parent. There is no share capital requirement for a branch company.

    • Easy Steps to Setting up the Business
    • The process of setting up a company formation in the hassle free and incorporation process is not as complicated as any other free zones.

    • Cost effective
    • DIC is highly cost-effective, as there is no share capital is required for setting up shop in this freezone. DIC offers low fees for new company formation.

    • Effective Bank A/c Setup
    • Due to its immense reputation, this freezone makes a hassle-free for setting up a business a/c. Offering extensive assistance with the completing the banking paperwork. The setup process with DWC in relatively easy and efficient.

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