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DIFC Freezone company formation

Dubai is the land with lots of business opportunities and attracting investors from across the globe. However, DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center) is the hub for financial institutions and corporate giants to create a benchmark in one of the renowned markets in the entire middle east. Here you can get the top infrastructure for your business activities offering more than essential amenities. The work culture is highly professional with a remarkably safe environment and a sure shot success for sure. The regulatory bodies are business friendly that made Dubai International Financial Center a favorite destination for the foreign investors.

Competitive Advantages DIFC

DIFC free zone offers multiple free zone business activities with several sectors of financial activity, Banking Services (Investment Banking, Corporate Banking & Private Banking); Capital Markets (Equity, Debt Instruments, Derivatives and Commodity Trading); Asset Management and Fund Registration; Insurance and Re-insurance; Islamic Finance & Professional Service Provider.

Providing a world-class infrastructure with an independent and a regulatory agency working alongside other financial regulatory agencies located in Dubai. The unique benefits of this free zone are better adaptable to business activities for import and export trade.

DIFC is located in the center of Dubai; it is the regional hub for businesses enabling in emerging financial markets of the middle east, Africa and South Asia. The free zone is internationally recognized in accordance for its immense independent regulation and enabling the environment to make it one of the pathways for many financial industries.

The following Key advantages will highlight the importance of DIFC company formation

  • Multiple Range of Business activity
  • Dubai International Finance center attracts much business from the regulating financial activity of the banking sectors and wealth management. DIFC is the home to the top world's leading banks. DIFC also welcomes many companies from other business sectors. This free zone is susceptible to brokers, financial consultants, and service providers. Including industries like Health, HR and fitness and previous trading.

  • Multiple shareholders
  • DIFC allows for multiple shareholders, entrepreneurs wishing to set up a business is required to register free zone registration. Allowing multiple shareholders can form a company.The shareholders can be Individuals and companies or a combination of the both.

  • Easy Steps to Setting up the Business
  • The process of setting up a company formation in this freezone the hassle-free and incorporation process is not as complicated as any other free zones.

  • Effective Bank A/c Setup
  • Due to its immense reputation, this freezone makes a hassle-free for setting up a business a/c. Offering extensive assistance with the completing the banking paperwork. The setup process with JAFZA in relatively easy and efficient.

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