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If you have spent time researching how to set up a business in Dubai, then you know that many Freezones within the city are a great option. Most of the foreign entrepreneurs prefer to set up a company in the Freezone because of the many attractive benefits including zero corporation and personal tax, complete company ownership, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, no currency restrictions, and import and export tax exemption. A business in the Freezone also brings with it a wealth of opportunities for networking, collaborating, and growth.
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Dubai Company Formation

Undoubtedly, Dubai is the paradise for almost everyone in the world. As this city provides some of the most exotic advantages that are unparalleled to its counterparts. Dubai is the best market for business not only in UAE but in the entire middle east. Same goes for business setup in Dubai free zones. It provides a platform for the infinite possibilities to foreign businessman without any complexities. There are almost more than 20 free zones in Dubai to choose from for your business activities. So, if money making is something on your mind, then Business setup in Dubai free zones is the destination for you.

Why Business Setup in Dubai ?

Usually, setting up a business is a tough task and comprises of many hurdles. There are so many rules to abide by while business formation. However, most of these things could be effortless under business setup in Dubai free zones. The very advantage of this zone is that it provides tax-free operations to the businesses. Also, the foreign investor can have the entire 100% ownership of the company without the necessity of the local partner. Currently, there are thousands of businesses operating under the Dubai free zone company setup and enjoying the access to complete business privacy.

Steps Involved in Dubai

Dubai free zone is the most talked about free zones in the UAE as it provides access to top-notch world amenities. It has the best infrastructure for the businesses which makes it the excellent choice to open a company in Dubai free zone. The formalities are straightforward if you have the right guidance for you. At PRO Business Setup we help the clients to obtain free zone company registration for their business activities. Also, we communicate with the Dubai free zone company setup authorities for the right paperwork. That helps to avoid any unnecessary delays and takes very less time to set up the business.

Highlights of Dubai

Opening a company in Dubai free zone is the next goal for most of the international investors. Perks are high, and the returns are more than one can expect. Few of the significant highlights of Dubai Freezone Company Setup are the exemption of the corporate tax for your business activities that extend the profit margins for you. Next advantage is the absence of import and export duties for your foreign goods transfers. This zone offers the accessibility to complete privacy for their investors. And not to be missed here a foreign investor may hold the complete ownership of the company.

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