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Ajman Company Formation in Free Zone

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Ajman Freezone company formation

Ajman free zone company formation offers a global opportunity for international investors who hold a platform to trade, invest, and establish a business. The various benefits associated with setting up a business in the Ajman free zone entices these potential foreign investors. It includes a tax-free environment, complete ownership over your company, no restriction on currency, zero corporate and personal tax as well as 100% repatriation on your capital and profits. When you set up a business in the free zone, it comes equipped with plenty of opportunities to network, collaborate, and grow.

As it is located close to Sharjah, companies in the free zone have easy accessibility to the airport. Many entrepreneurs view business formation in the AFZ as a lucrative option, as it offers affordability and excellent infrastructure. Individuals who set up a business in the free zone have the opportunity to manage their company without having to partner up with a local. However, when setting up a business in the AFZ, you must have the minimum capital required and also process multiple documents. Apart from this, the Ajman free zone has a license fee that must be paid within a specific period. The entire process is made quick and hassle-free with our comprehensive package.

Competitive Advantages Ajman

The Ajman free zone was founded in the year 1988. It has created massive development in the region by attracting numerous companies to benefit from investment privileges. It has led to a boost in the industrial activities in the city, and involvement of business activities by multiple companies. The various advantages are as follows.

  • Exemption from import and export duty
  • Global marketers can expand their business
  • Complete ownership of the business
  • Exemption from corporate tax
  • Business-friendly legislation
  • 100% repatriation on profits
  • Tax-free environment

Multiple Visa

AFZ provides multiple visas without having to commit to an office, offering significant benefits to those who operate alone or run a small business. They allow numerous visas without the need for a physical office space.

Share Capital

To setup a business in the Ajman Free Zone, the minimum capital required is AED 185,000.

Multiple Shareholders

The Ajman Free Zone allows multiple shareholders, where entrepreneurs who intend to set up a business should register at the free zone registration. Multiple shareholders can conduct company formation. These shareholders can be individuals and companies or a combination of both.

Diverse Business Opportunities

The Ajman Free Zone offers a wide variety of business services, accommodating versatile business incorporation. They allow entrepreneurs from different business backgrounds and trade activities.

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

If an entrepreneur intends to start a business at the AFZ, it is not mandatory to provide a NOC from the current employer. They have the freedom to set up a side business while being employed at another company.

Easy Business Setup Process

Unlike other free zones in the UAE, the process here is straightforward and doesn’t involve any complexity. There aren’t any challenges or hurdles during the formation process.

Effective Bank Account Setup

Since it’s a reputed free zone, the process of setting up a business account is made hassle-free, further offering extensive assistance in the completion of the paperwork.

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