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Business Setup in a Dubai Freezone

If you have spent time researching how to set up a business in Dubai, then you know that many Freezones within the city are a great option. Most of the foreign entrepreneurs prefer to set up a company in the Freezone because of the many attractive benefits including zero corporation and personal tax, complete company ownership, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, no currency restrictions, and import and export tax exemption. A business in the Freezone also brings with it a wealth of opportunities for networking, collaborating, and growth.
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How to Get Your Business Setup in a Dubai Freezone

When setting up a Dubai Freezone company, your choice of Freezone will depend on the type of business activities you wish to carry out because many are sector specific. Although this is the case, there are many Freezones available in Dubai, and you can easily find one that suits your needs. Whichever option you choose, Dubai Freezone company formation is relatively quick and easy.

Choose a Business Activity

The first step involved in getting your Dubai Freezone business set up is deciding which business activity you wish to carry our as this helps in determining where you can register your company. The type of license you apply for will decide how you run your business. However, most Dubai Freezones allow for multiple business activities under one license. It is important to remember that Dubai has rather particular requirements about what activities are permitted under what license, therefore it is worth associating with PRO business setup.

Find a free Zone

Once you have decided which business you would like to set up, the next step in Dubai Freezone company formation is selecting the Freezone which is right for you. If your industry is not covered by one of the city’s industry specific zone, there are other options as well. Freezones such as Dubai South and DMCC are open to a wide range of activities.

Choose a company Name

Wherever in the world you decide to set up your business, choosing a name is of paramount importance. There are plenty of factors to consider from the emotional to the practical. There are certain standards the name must adhere to, like avoiding blasphemous language and references to religious or political organizations.

Get your Document in order to Apply

Once, you have decided what you are planning to do, where you wish to do it, and under which name you will trade, it’s time to make your Dubai Freezone company formation official by submitting your application. The exact documents required for a business setup in UAE Freezone will depend on the type of license you are applying for and which Freezone you have selected.

Opening your corporate bank Account

It is quite easy to open a corporate bank account in the UAE just like anywhere else in the world but there are still a number of important considerations to keep in mind. You need all the right documentation in place and select an institution which is beneficial to you in the long run.

Why Business Setup in Dubai Freezone
Freezone is a form of business setup, allows you to own your business activity entirely 100% ownership, running a free zone company in UAE can uplift your business standards to international standards. UAE Freezone incorporation can enhance the business presence to expand and explore throughout GCC region. When setting up a business in UAE, entrepreneurs usually find frontage with procedures and formalities that lies front foot with defining interference, understand the differences in Busines formation in UAE is the first pace for any expat to withstand. Unlike mainland and offshore, free zone company setup opt to be the business approach to enhance trade into international the market without much of a restriction
Advantages of Freezone incorporation
Different Licensing Types Freezone
This type of License permits business activities, i.e., trading activities (buying-selling, import-export). Includes goldsmithing of gold and other precious metals (excluding silver), such as platinum, nickel and other precious metals to produce jewelry and gold articles. Construction, Engineering, Machinery, Food & Agro, Healthcare, Personal & Household Goods, General trading, Metals & minerals, resistant wears, athletes and medical wears clothing, etc.
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This type of License permits business activities, i.e., Dealing and related goods and commodities (unless they are prohibited by the Law or require special approvals).
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This type of License permits business activities, i.e., Provision of consulting, accounting, IT, Industrial and commercial enterprises, Technology & telecom, Personal & community services, Hospitality, Automotive transportation, Shipping & Logistics and Energy, etc.
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This type of License permits business activities, i.e., manufacturing goods, machinery and equipment and packaging process, etc.
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Opening workshops, providing fixing and other services, etc.
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Freezone categories
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