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Why SAIF Zone

by Business-Setup.ae

Posted on 28-April-2019

Started off in the year of 1995 with just a few numbers of companies, now the SAIF is the hub to more than 6000 companies. Of all the free zones existent in the world, Sharjah is given a point extra for its excellence in bringing the best of business endeavors. That is because of the fact, that SAIF is a magnet for young business enthusiasts, not only corporate giants but startups as well. You can get every sort of business assistance from SAIF, be it a single cabined office or a complete manufacturing unit. And the best part is, you can acquire all of these without paying any taxes.

What are the advantages which can be enjoyed by the business owner?

You will be at complete gain because of the following points:

  • If you are a foreign investor then you are liable to enjoy 100 % foreign ownership.
  • Lease period is extended to a maximum of 25 years.
  • Since you are not required to pay taxes you can invest freely in your business
  • The location will be an added convenience because of the commercial factor.
  • If you desire you can hire UAE or any other citizens as your employees
  • Sharjah owns the complete responsibility of providing work assistance, visa for you as well as your employees

Pre-requisites to kick-start your business

In order to enhance the comfort and convenience of business owners SAIF zone authorities have adorned the hub with the following facilities:

  • Office spaces with attractive interiors
  • Storage places to load your stuff
  • Accommodation facility for your laborers
  • Warehousing and manufacturing units available

What are the business sectors supported in SAIF?

Name almost any business sector, and you can see the sector blossoming in the SAIF zone. Some examples include apparel and cosmetics, IT service, marketing services, Consultancy services.

If you have a budding business idea in your mind, then it is time to set the ball rolling. With the huge potential to make the most of your business, there can never be a better place than SAIF Zone and help you realize your dreams.