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Why IT business


Posted on 28-April-2019

Probably the IT industry is one of the few business fields where innovation happens every day. In simpler words, newer forms of technology pave its way into the other business genres to ease and systemize the process. It is hard to think of any other business which offers a constant source of employment and innovation with creative minds.

Why should one look forward to starting an IT business in Dubai?

Thanks to the recent initiatives taken by the Dubai Government, Dubai is all set to rank itself among the world’s top technologically supported cities. Thus global business maniacs are looking forward to grasping this golden opportunity to set up their business firms. Imitating some of the improvised techniques applied by western IT giants the UAE has been on a mission to conquer various areas like digital marketing, cybersecurity to name a few. Starting an IT business in Dubai strongly implies the fact that after a few years, let’s say 2020, IT business owners would earn whopping returns.

Best places in Dubai to start an IT business endeavor

If you are a foreign citizen, then there are a few norms you are required to abide by. To start with, looking for an investor (a UAE citizen) and hunting for a commercially rich spot.

Or else, you can also opt to set up your business in the free zones offered by the government where you don’t have to stress yourself about paying taxes. Here are some of the zones recommended for you:

  • Dubai Technopark
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Dubai internet city

These zones are built up with the sole intention of enhancing the growth of IT sector in Dubai, and thus setting up a business in any of these zones would give one a boost up.

Pre-requisites documents and policies:

  • Photocopy of your and your investor’s passport.
  • Receipt of the payment of the processing fee
  • NOC from the company sponsoring your business
  • An agreement certificate implying partnership signed in presence of a notary

If the investor owns a professional license then he has to pay 20,000 dirhams, otherwise half of it.


Looking beyond the horizon one should be able to access the endless opportunities given by the UAE It industry for business enthusiasts. Make sure to grasp it by the root and make something beautiful out of it.