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What Sectors Can a New Startup Flourish in UAE

by Business-Setup.ae

Posted on 29-April-2019

With the expanding growth in technology and the economy, UAE has now become a top destination for business startups. But each economy has their most thriving sectors. As a new startup, which sector can you thrive better when you are considering investment in the UAE? The information provided below can help you discover ideas you can use to startup your own business.

Beauty Sector

There is no doubt that those in the beauty niche is really making it in the UAE. This is because of the favorable environment and the technological support being rendered to the sector. Hair care, skin care, color cosmetics, and fragrance are some of the top niches in the industry. With the influence of Instagram and other social media networks, those in the beauty sector can leverage on the marketing opportunity.


Ecommerce is a trillion-dollar business in the world. In fact, there is hardly any sector that does not have the impact of ecommerce. One of the reasons for the massive rise of this sector is the fact that consumers are more tech-savvy than before. They are more comfortable when using apps, social media, and other technological vices. This makes the communication and marketing process less difficult for companies in this niche. In UAE, the story is still the same. More new companies are gradually taking advantage of increased consumer awareness on ecommerce. These consumers are very easy to reach because demographics show where they are most likely going to be found.


As a fast-paced economy whose strength is on improved technological impact, UAE is a great place to pitch your technological tent. It’s the ideal place for IT startups because of the staggering amount of human and material resources available in the region. The government’s policy is also very favorable to technology startups. Obviously, there is a large market base for business organizations in this sector.

How can you benefit from the boom in these sectors?

Now is the time to really begin your journey because of the favorable business environment in the UAE. You can decide to start up a skin care business or an ecommerce business. The most important thing is to be conversant with the latest technologies and tools to reach out to your customers.

You could even take another route. Instead of buying these tools for your business, you can become a supplier. You can develop the tools to help others deploy them in their clothing, beauty, or electronics businesses. The good news is, there is already a conducive environment created by the UAE government for these startups to thrive. You too can be part of the ongoing business revolution.