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Ways to Obtain Visa to Operate in UAE Free Zone

by Business-Setup.ae

Posted on 29-April-2019

You may opt to apply a free zone visa by following the mentioned simple and easy steps.

Registration for e-channel services

Registration for available e-channel services is the first step related to applying free zone visa in UAE. Dubai government has designed it to streamline the complete visa procedure. The main benefit of the latest online system is to eliminate any paperwork and allows faster yet transparent applications than before.

Application for Entry Permit

Once you complete with your registration for the latest e-channel services, you have to apply for the entry permit i.e. employment visa. Employment visa refers to a temporary visa application and it remains valid for about 60days. Government often issues entry permits within only 15days. However, if you pay an additional fee of about AED 1,000, you may even apply for express type of service that requires 5 to 7 working days. We strongly advice you refrain from leaving the country after you apply for the entry permit. Leaving from UAE after applying for the entry permit may result in discrepancies in the immigration file, which results in delay in your application process. UAE government will email the entry permit once it becomes ready.

Status Change or Status Adjustment

When you get entry permit in your hand, you have to activate it based on the process called status adjustment or status change. You may not get your full visa until and unless you complete this stage. For this, you are available with any one of the three different ways i.e. out of country, in country and border run.

Medical Fitness Test and Registration for Emirates ID card

Now, you have to pass the medical fitness test consisting of blood test to diagnose any infectious disease and an X-ray of your chest. You may complete it within only a few hours and get results within three working days. Results obtained from your medical test help you applying for the Emirates ID card i.e. an ID card carried by citizens of UAE all time and is essential to open any bank account or undergo tenancy agreements.

Residence Visa Stamping

Residence visa stamping is the last stage associated with your visa application process. This implies obtaining the original UAE residence visa sticker or stamp in your passport. For this, you have to submit the passport to any relevant immigration authority and the process involves 15 working days, during which you may not travel outside of Dubai/UAE.