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How to Start a Business in the DMCC Freezone

by Business-Setup.ae

Posted on 15-May-2019

Establishing a business in the DMCC FZ is a fairly straightforward method once you have got the proper kind of guidance. Some of the steps involved in the setup process can be handled easily, while others are not. Through this piece of write-up, we aim to equip you with all the necessary with regards to starting a business in the free zone.

Choose Your Company Type

There are three options to choose, all of which are mentioned below:

  1. An FZ LLC Company that is a subsidiary or fully owned by an overseas or regional corporation
  2. An FZ LLC Company that was recently created with either single or multiple shareholders
  3. Branch of a foreign or local business enterprise

Decide on a Marketing Strategy

Since there are several business categories and activities to pick from, this step may be a little tougher than the rest. Every business setup is provided with a license supporting its commercial activity, and although licenses are usually restrictive to the chosen industry, an organization can gain additional permits or a commercial license (Allows the import, export, distribution, consolidation, and storage of a variety of products).

Decide on a Name

It is the easiest step of the whole process. Once your company name is selected, you are ready to own a DMCC free zone business.

Official Application

The documentation varies depending on the company type as well as the nature of the company’s business activities. However, the process is relatively the same. A couple of documents will be required such as signed application forms, proof of address, specimen signature, business plan, etc. Once this process is complete, there is only one more step left.

Appoint a DMCC Accredited Auditor

Appoint a DMCC accepted auditor to your organization after receiving your commercial enterprise license: Once this stage is complete, your company is now a valid company, and you have successfully start a company in DMCC FZ.

Setup your Company Today!

DMCC freezone houses in excess of 14,000 companies & has above 100,000 people from 170 countries working in it. The area thrives with businesses popping up very often. After sorting out the legal procedures, it takes about 2 weeks to establish your business in the freezone. Due to the ease of setting up a business, and the state-of-the-art infrastructure, it is attractive to new entrepreneurs in the region.