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How to Setup a Real Estate Brokerage in Dubai

by Business-Setup.ae

Posted on 29-August-2019

The United Arab Emirates has one of the highest population of immigrants in the world. About 80% of the country’s residents are expats seeking a better future. It is a staggering number and one that will only continue to grow in the coming years. Every year, countless immigrants move to the country in search of job opportunities. The vast majority of them settle in Dubai. Of course, this makes operating a real estate brokerage in Dubai extremely profitable. If you want to be among the many realtors working from the city, there are several steps you must take to bring your plans to fruition. You’ll find the most important of them outlined in detail below.

Secure Relative Experience & Education

Before you can pursue a career in real estate, you must accumulate the necessary education and experience. No real estate firm in the UAE will consider you if you don’t have a high school diploma. Additionally, you must also have a certain degree of sales knowledge. This is only possible through hands-on experience and dedicated study. Either way, you must be able to exhibit it and prove your worth before making plans for your own firm.

Complete a Real Estate Course

In Dubai, prospective realtors must complete a training course to be granted with a license. The Dubai Land Department conducts the course, and most firms usually help their new employees to secure their place in this course. However, since you are starting your own firm, you will need to arrange it by yourself. Course time varies, as does the price, depending on your previous experience and qualifications.

Complete Registration

Once you have completed the course mentioned above with the Dubai Land Department, you must then proceed with the registration process. Registration is done through the DLD itself and is mandatory in order to be certified. Be sure to keep your registration number safe, as it is necessary for your applications and advertisements going forward.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

There’s a lot of competition among realtors in Dubai, so you’re going to have to hit the ground running if you want to succeed. The moment you are approved for work in the industry, start putting your marketing campaigns together. Billboards are synonymous with the real estate world, so try to secure your own if you have the necessary funding. Newspaper advertisements and business cards are also viable marketing techniques that you can adopt.

Build an Online Presence

While traditional methods of advertisements remain effective, any realtor with an eye towards the future should bulk up of their online marketing expenses. A strong online presence will help to ensure that potential clients will know about your establishment. It will also facilitate faster communication, which, of course, leads to faster deals and higher earnings!