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Different Types of Business License in Jebel Ali Free Zone

by Business-Setup.ae

Posted on 29-April-2019

Depending on the specific type of business you want to establish and perform in Jebel Ali Free Zone, you may acquire any particular type of trade license from the available ones, as we have shared here.

Industrial License

Industrial license is for all types of business entities involved in production and manufacturing of varieties of goods or any other types/forms of industrial activities.

Service License

Service license allows you carrying out varieties of professional level and legal activities in the respective region. Any person wants to setup his/her business in the respective domain should acquire a service license.

National Industrial License

If you own a company or a business venture, in which UAE government has 51percent or higher percentage of ownership, you have to acquire national industrial license to continue with your business related activities.

Innovation License

Home to the famous Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, Dubai city has always remained a perfect place for innovation lovers. Since the inception, the city has focused on large number of business entities involved in creating innovative-based models. Considering this fact, free zone of Jebel Ali provides you with a special type of license i.e. innovation license, which you have to hold essentially to continue with your innovation activities.

Offshore Registration

You may initiate offshore registration only when you act as a limited liability company. In this case, acquiring of a license is not mandatory, but certificate of incorporation is essential.

Trading License

Companies and business organizations making plans to step ahead in trade related business activities in Jebel Ali Free Zone requires possessing a trading license.

E-commerce License

With e-commerce business concept booming or evolving across the world, Jebel Ali Free Zone offers you with an e-commerce license if you as a business entity want to initiate as well as setup your ecommerce business there.

Documents Required Obtaining a Business License

Irrespective of the business license you want, you have to initiate the process by submitting the following important documents-

  • Written application for the facility
  • Passports of managers and shareholders
  • Bank reference of each involved businessperson
  • Summary of your project
  • Profile of the parent company in case you own a specific branch or want to setup your branch
  • Application to register your FZCO i.e. free zone company
  • Application to register your FZE i.e. free zone establishment
  • Deposit of Dh500, which is non-refundable