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Benefits of Shorter Working Time in Business Organizations

by Business-Setup.ae

Posted on 29-April-2019

A lot of workers are clamoring for shorter working days. Even in the UAE, there are those who feel having shorter working days will be beneficial to both the employer and the employee. But the question for the business owner is, will this impact positively or negatively on productivity? Let’s find out if there are benefits to employees and companies in UAE.

It could lead to increased drive

If employees are given extra time to rest from work, it can somehow spur them to improve their performance on their job. The success of any business organization depends so much on productivity of the employees. When worker’s time is reduced, it will act as a motivating factor for them.

Health benefits

Stress contributes to employees’ poor performance more than any other factor. Workers who have more free time to relax and do other leisure activities will have a better health. Hence, they will be more healthy and rejuvenated to perform more tasks at work. In other words, more emphasis on work-life balance and employee wellbeing leads to a decrease in stress levels. This will certainly impact positively on their performance.

It leads to better productivity

As explained earlier, improvements in workers’ health, happiness and morale will certainly have a positive influence on their productivity. When they feel their welfare is a priority, it will motivate them to put more effort on their job. This will benefit the organization on the long run. Also, reduced sick leave and work absence as a result of less tress at work will have a positive influence on their productivity.

Better working environment

Research has shown that work related stress can take its toll on workers, which may even affect their working environment. And when the environment is not conducive enough, it will lead to reduction in performance. Employers should find a way to balance work time to prevent a situation where fatigue or stress will set in. Once their time at work is managed effectively, it develops into a relationship that fosters productivity in the work place.


Sometimes, more work is done when workers work smart. In some work environment, it’s not really how long they work, but how smart they work. When there is less stress, employees will be mentally ready to handle high mental demanding projects. Overall, there are serious evidence that suggest that having a shorter working day can improve the performance of workers in an organization.