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All You Need to Know About Bringing Your Spouse to the UAE

by Business-Setup.ae

Posted on 30-August-2019

UAE is an ideal destination for families to reside and settle in when considering factors such as safety, accessibility, infrastructure etc. If you have been residing in the country for a while and are considering bringing your significant other to stay with you, you must ‘sponsor’ them. By sponsoring them, you can grant them a residence visa, allowing them to reside in the country. When you are considering applying for a spousal visa, there are several things you should be aware of beforehand. This article discusses the qualifications and things that need to be done to get your spouse to the UAE.


If a man intends to sponsor his wife’s visa, he must be earning above 400 AED per month. Muslim residents can sponsor up to two wives. On the other hand, wives sponsoring their husbands must be working in the following professions: Doctor, engineer, teacher or any medical roles and be earing above 4000 AED. If her occupation does not fit in these categories, she must make an appeal to the General directorate of residents and foreign affairs (GDRFA) and have a salary higher than 10,000 AED.

Sponsoring cannot be done by individuals working as cleaners or helpers.

Document Required

Along with the filled-out application form, submit all the required documents, such as employment and tenancy certificate. Other documents include marriage certificates, bank statements, and passport copies of both. The marriage certificate, tenancy contract, and work contract must be attested when submitting.

When applying for a residence visa, one must undergo a fitness and medical test. This test is done to detect AIDS (HIV virus) and tuberculosis. The report of this test will be submitted along with the other documents. If tested positive, the individuals will not be eligible for a visa, and will be deported.

Visa Validity

After your spouse has arrived in the UAE, you must change their visa status to resident within 30 days. You can choose a validity of one, two, and three years. After it expires, you are given a 30-day grace period to renew or obtain a new residency permit. If you stay after this grace period, you will be subject to a fine for residing as an illegal resident.

Visa Process

Visit a typing center in the city and submit application with all the details filled out, along with all the required papers. If your spouse is in the country, he/she can go for the fitness and medical test, which is also submitted later. Typically, it will cost about 310 AED for the application form, along with the service charge by the typing center. It will cost around 510 AED to convert the visa status from tourist to residential (along with additional charges by the typing center).