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Why us?
Starting up a business in UAE is not just a paperwork, it involves approval and legal attestations. We understand that entirely and have been acknowledged as one of the trustworthy consultants for Business setup and PRO services. We built on a strong reputation for being a part of the companies policy; we place reinforced through the quality work done by our professionals and caters to its elite group of customers, who would wish to start up business in UAE.
Who are we ?

We are a one-stop business solution that aids in setting up a new business or company, and related documentation in UAE. We value customer relationships more, and hence our solutions are tailor-made according to the requirements of the customer. From choosing the right location for setting a new business to incorporate legal formalities for the same, PRO business setup provides all the service to our valued customers. We assist clients to begin their business in the Mainland or Free Zones with cost-friendly pricing structures and help them with the documentation through their service. We completely understand that the clients are from different parts in the world, and hence the services are provided with utmost and efficient professionalism.

The primary values of PRO business setup include loyalty, transparency, availability and customer satisfaction. Regarding PRO services, our vision is to help the small to medium to prominent entrepreneurs or business owners to achieve the peak of their business and attain profitability. Along with, we want to focus on all the services given to investors are high in standard, and thoroughly professional. At PRO business setup, our mission is to provide customized services for clients, in an international standard, at an economical cost.

What do we do?
Our ideas & promises & About Team:

Having a business in the UAE is not easy. It is quite difficult, and for international users, the process might be tiring. We are aware of our client’s expectation for starting up a new business in Mainland, Freezone & Offshore, and we are happy to assist you with the service. Our team of professionals is conscious of the government activities and legalities that are involved in starting a business in the UAE. We make sure everything will fall into place for you, be it for setting up a new business. With our experience, we have an extensive networking system with ministries and government authorities in UAE. Our services in Dubai and UAE ensure that you can realize your dream of owning a business in the Middle East, without complications. We make sure that a watch is kept on the rules and regulations of the government. Once the policies are changed, we also change it at our end, which eases the clearance work for your business. The entire request of you was starting a business in UAE, is put forward by Luxury Icon to the government, which will ensure that you receive the maximum assistance for your PRO services in Dubai.

Our ideas & promises & About Team:

Dubai is a fastest growing place regarding the economy, and true to this fact, many companies and individuals have tried to set their businesses in Dubai. For a lot of entrepreneurs, Dubai allures to conceptualize their ideas and thought for company formation. But, starting a business in Dubai or UAE has a lot of obstructions. PRO business setup is a registered service provider for company formation in Dubai and is authorized by Dubai Economic Department (DED). We aid in company formation, complying with the rules and regulations of the government. Obtaining a trade license in Dubai can be a hassle if the obtained is not wary of the rules. At PRO business setup, we help from the preliminary process of company registration, finding an excellent location, legal guidance, obtaining trade license, and all other documents, and partner with the client, until the entire process is complete.

We prepare, protect and provide financial and business consultancy for varied clients. After starting a business, financial planning is essential. We provide our clients with professional marketing and financial consulting. Our team of professionals devises a strategic plan that enables to realize the economic aspects of the business.

We also provide management consulting services in UAE, with the help of our professional associates. We help the new investors, overseas companies, business owners and so on to start new ventures in UAE, with the help of our expert team members in setting up a new business in free Mainland or Freezone.

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